A brief history

We started our journey in 1997, when Ibrahim and Joseph Merheb established Ibjomer for imported marble and granite processing, in addition to a local variety of stones for the construction sector. Moreover, with the Ibjomer family, stone processing exceeded the definition of industry; it is art designed with ardor, devotion and beauty.

Our company is becoming a regional pioneer in its dedication to the Stone industry.

Why Us?

Ibjomer can produce cut to size Marble and Granite, Travertine, Limestone and Slate in various finishes such as:

  • Block cutting
  • Cross cutting
  • Polished, Honed, Bushammered, Rustic
  • Rough slabs in all thicknesses
  • Floor tiles in free size, beveled or unbeveled, different thicknesses
  • Special works (treads-risers-thresholds)
  • Arcades and frames in various designs
  • Split stones from 3 cm width to 30 cm
  • Marble stairs
  • Granite Kitchen Tops, Counter Tops and Table Top
  • Artifacts through high tech CNC machine

Our capacity

The Production capacity of our factory reaches a monthly sawing of 200 M3 of blocks and 4000 sqm of Cut-to-size Tiles.
Some of the equipment in our factory are:

  • 1 gang saw machine (80 blades)
  • 1 gang saw machine (40 blades)
  • 1 mono blade machine
  • 2 bridge saw machines
  • 1 Tie Block machine
  • 1 automatic tile polishing machine (12 heads)
  • 1 hand polishing machine
  • 2 hand cutting machines
  • 1 bush hammering machine
  • 2 cranes
  • In addition to many other facilities.