A brief history.

With over 40 years in the Earthmoving and Excavation industry, Merheb Brothers, and the brilliant team from IBJOMER are Proving that service, performance and quality are a winning combination, Specializing in heavy earthmoving and mass Excavation handling applications of various materials .

Please check out the large working portfolio in the following projects:

  • Rbeiz Project excavation and rock wall building, Ghazir (25,000m3)
  • Bel Horizon Excavation site,Adma (30,000m3)
  • Al-Sultan Excavation, maameltein highway (24,000m3)
  • Tree of Life Excavation Kaslik ,(8,000m3)
  • Mr Adel Azzi Villa excavation, Okaibee (10,000m3)
  • Okaibe –Ghedress Road excavation(14,000m3)
  • Mr Raiidi villa, Kfour (7,000m3)
  • LAU , Jbeil University excacation and retation walls installation (20,000m3)
  • LBCI excavation Adma (10,0000m3)
  • Carpet Factory Safra highway (30,0000m3)
  • Aqua beach resort port dumping
  • Tabarja beach resort dumping
  • Safra marine port dumping
  • Halat Surmer port dumpind
  • Quarrying in Lebanon and Africa

Providing specialist support & equipment in the use & application of:

  • Dozers (up to D11)
  • Scrapers (up to 657)
  • Dump Trucks (up to 40T) Rollers
  • Rock Drills
  • Excavators (up to 75T)
  • Rollers
  • Loaders
  • Graders
  • And much more…

Experience in Logistics better enables us to offer the client the correct machine for the application and thus larger productivity for your dollar.

Many jobs that other companies pigeon-hole "too hard", Trade Alliance will instead, undertake driving job satisfaction from ANY challenge, large or small.

Feedback from all previous and existing clients has been very positive and encouraging which has ensured strong business relationships and a staunch reputation within the industry.

We have an excellent working relationship with regular suppliers and maintenance organisations to ensure that IBJOMER is able to compete strongly and profitably against other earth moving companies.